Speakeasy - Supporting Communication Recovery

Speakeasy is a charity in the North West whose mission statement is to make a positive difference to the lives of people who have aphasia and their carers.

In 2007 the Trust funded a 3 year pilot study linking Speakeasy with the ground breaking work of Jane Mortley of Step by Step Consultancy and has continued with financial support for the active use of the IT suite. Computer therapy within the setting of Speakeasy offers a supportive, purposeful environment which encourages people with aphasia to view computers as part of the therapeutic process within a group social setting. This is distinct from the therapy and support currently available through the Nationals Health Service. Some members of the group have given feedback for the Aphasia Software Finder project at Frenchay which has helped in making the website aphasia friendly.

Information about Speakeasy can be found on their website: www.buryspeakeasy.org.uk.