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The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia Distinguished Scholar Awards 2020

The Trustees of The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia are pleased to announce this year’s recipients of The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia Distinguished Scholar Awards in the United States of America:

Jessica Richardson, University of New Mexico

Jennifer Mozeiko, University of Connecticut

Will Evans, University of Pittsburgh

Brent Archer, Bowling Green State University

These awards are given in recognition of academic excellence in all, or some, of the following areas:

  • Research and Publications dedicated to improving life with aphasia, and/or
  • Mentoring of research students to conduct research associated with quality of life, life participation, conversation or similar topics related to life with aphasia, and/or
  • Training of future clinicians to address quality of life with aphasia and/or
  • Working to improve external grant funding that addresses the needs of people living with aphasia.

The aim of these awards is to foster and encourage pioneering research and clinical projects that aim to make a difference to the lives of people living with aphasia, their families and caregivers.

This year the Trustees of The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia would like also to give a special mention to recognise:

Jerry Hoepner, University of Wisconsin

for his important contribution to the lives of people with aphasia through his work with Aphasia Camps.  It is as a result of work such as this, often unrecognised by the wider community, that the quality of life of people with aphasia is improved and enriched.

The Trustees of the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia would like to thank the Board of Aphasia Access for collaborating with the Trust by facilitating this project.

Important Dates for 2021:

Applications for 2021 to be submitted by 15th February 2021.

Announcements of Awards 2021 will be made in May 2021 – tbc

To learn more about the award and how to apply please visit:

The Stroke Association has produced guides to help people with aphasia using video calling for the first time as well as download instructions for different devices.

Everybody at The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia sends their best wishes and we hope that you, and your family and friends, stay safe and well during this difficult time. 

We will continue to offer small grants each month, for more information click here.

The current guidance around COVID-19, and the steps we all need to take, may result in face to face therapy sessions becoming more difficult. 

More and more people are turning to aphasia therapy apps and software, so that they can continue with their therapy during this time.

The Aphasia Software Finder (click here) brings together all aphasia therapy apps and software in the English language.

Please ask your speech and language therapist/pathologist if there is an aphasia therapy app or software that might be useful to you during this difficult time.
Please note not all aphasia therapy apps suit all types of aphasia – it is important to get the right one for you – we strongly recommend asking a speech and language professional for advice.