The Tavistock Aphasia Centre, Newcastle University 1999-2025

Newcastle University

The Trustees are very pleased to announce continued support for the part-time position of a speech and language therapist for The Tavistock Centre for Aphasia, Newcastle University.  This funding has been agreed from 1st September 2023 for another 2 years.

In 1999 the Trust funded the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at the University of Newcastle to set up an Aphasia Treatment Clinic in the centre of Newcastle. Using space provided by the University, the Trust funded the refurbishment of rooms into intensive aphasia treatment facilities.

The Tavistock Aphasia Centre, formally known as the North East Aphasia Centre, serves three major functions:

  • It offers high quality intensive treatment to clients with aphasia
  • Ensures students are trained to the highest possible standards in the assessment and treatment of aphasic disorders
  • Promotes research into aphasic disorders and their treatment

The Centre offers:

  • Intensive group and individual therapy to clients with aphasia
  • Clients attend for three days a week over a period of twelve weeks
  • Clients come from a range of areas within the North East (and sometimes beyond)

Local speech and language therapists refer people with aphasia to the centre

Further Funding:
Following previous funding to set up the Aphasia Centre for intensive therapy at the University, funding was granted to the Centre to build on existing good practice by developing sets of therapy materials. The therapy resources have been developed based on current theoretical models and the experience of working with people with aphasia within The Tavistock Aphasia Centre, based at Newcastle University. They have been compiled by Janet Webster, Julie Morris, Anne Whitworth and David Howard.

The resources are presented in separate DVD packages:

  • Written word comprehension link to each area
  • Verb & sentence processing
  • Auditory processing

The materials are designed to be used by speech and language therapists and for guided use by student speech and language therapists.