The Aphasia Software Finder

New Look Aphasia Software Finder 

We would like to introduce you to a significant redesign of the Aphasia Software Finder – it aims to make the website more aphasia friendly and thereby easier to navigate for everyone.

The Aphasia Software Finder website has information about apps and software for people living with aphasia in the English Language.

  • We aim to help people living with aphasia find the right app and software for them.

We aim to help aphasia professionals find detailed information on all available aphasia apps and software in the English language.

  •   To learn more about what you can find on the Aphasia Software Finder and what is new, please watch this short video:


When you click on Find Apps and Software you will have the choice of searching for:

  • Aphasia Apps and Software specifically designed for people with aphasia.
  • General Apps and Software – not designed for people with aphasia but helpful for some.

The section For Professionals is designed for clinicians, academics and those who want more detailed information.

We hope you enjoy The Aphasia Software Finder and find it useful.

The ASF team.

Thank you

The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia and the ASF team would like to thank  Mrs Charmaine Mallinckrodt and the Eranda Rothschild Foundation for their generous support for this project.

For their feedback on the appearance and usability of the newly designed 2023 website we would like to thank:

  • Aphasia Center of Acadiana, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
  • Sarah Wallace, Queensland Aphasia Research Centre, University of Queensland, Australia
  • NETA, North East Trust for Aphasia, UK
  • Members of the Computers in Therapy Clinical Excellence Network, UK
  • Speech and language therapists and patients from NHS Tayside, UK

For their feedback on the appearance and usability of the original website we would also like to thank:

  • Tanya Rose and Linda Worrall, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Rebecca Palmer, University of Sheffield
  • Dyscover, Surrey
  • Speakeasy, Bury
  • Bristol Area Stroke Foundation

Welcome Videos

With grateful thanks to Joe Skillington of Whistle Video for his very professional help.

The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia would like to thank Benjamin Shine for kindly designing and donating the logo for The Aphasia Software Finder.