Aphasia Software Finder 2011 to present

Aphasia Software Finder

The aim of the website is to help people with aphasia, their families and friends, as well as speech and language professionals, to find the right aphasia app or software to help improve communication.

In 2009, Nicole Campbell, who conceived the idea, on behalf of her co-Trustees, invited Dr Brian Petheram, Sarah Woodward and Julie Ward to help with the design of a website that would bring together all aphasia therapy software in the English language. The Aphasia Software Finder was launched in September 2011.

Apps became commonplace, and in 2016 the website was relaunched to include all aphasia therapy apps and with a new look.  Julie Ward had retired and Circle Interactive took over the maintenance of the website.

The website has expanded to include general apps and software, not designed for people with aphasia, but that could be useful for some people with aphasia in day to day life.  It has, also, other resources and links that may of interest to people with aphasia and professionals working in this field.

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The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia and the ASF team would like to thank Mrs Charmaine Mallinckrodt and the Eranda Rothschild Foundation for their very generous support for this project.

The ASF team: Nicole Campbell, Brian Petheram, Abi Roper, Sarah Woodward,