What people say

“Thank you so much for sending this through and for all of your help in organising the application. It was a really smooth process and I know how much of a difference it will make to this lovely family. ” RA

“Thank you to you and The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia for this support. We all really appreciate it. ” RC, Speech and Language Therapist

“We look forward to receiving the details for the therapy apps, they are very very useful and we can’t thank the Trust enough for their generosity.” SS, Partner

“Thank you once again for D’s grant, he is thrilled with the Proloquo2go app, it really encourages him to talk to people and take the lead in conversations.” S, Partner

“Thank you so much,  that’s amazing news that A can continue to use CT. We do appreciate the work you do in The Tavistock Trust. It has made a huge difference to our patients.” BK, Speech and Language Therapist

“These apps will enable me to continue his therapy progression at home, thank you so very much for your help.” MB, Partner

“Thanks again for all your support along the way – we really appreciate the support of the TTA and how your charity enables our patients and clients” AR, Speech and Language Therapist

“We are extremely grateful for your help. Thank you.” GW

“Securing this small grant means so much to me and the beneficiary, thank you so much to the TTA for making the application process simple and for helping people to move forward in recovery.” HT, Stroke Recovery Coordinator

“My dad is really enjoying the therapy software and has even been showing improvements in his speech. Thank you so much, it wouldn’t have been possible without your organisation.”  CD, Daughter

“Thank you to you and to the Tavistock Trust for helping fund this piece of software.  It is very generous of you and will certainly be of great practical assistance.”   AC, Speech and Language Therapist

“I just wanted to confirm that VB’s husband has now got access to REACT2 – thank you very much for this, I’m sure it will make a big difference to VB in terms of maintaining her therapy once she has left hospital.” CJ, Speech and Language Therapist

“Thank you so much for your help with applying for this grant, John and his family are delighted and very grateful, it will greatly support him with his speech.” JB, Speech and Language Therapist

“Just to say a massive thank you for funding Grid for iPad for our lady – last week we went out to town and S was able to order her own drink and food at a café, by typing out an order using the symbols available!” AM, Speech and Language Therapist.

“Again, thank you so much. Sarah and her daughter are over the moon – it’s been a long journey and they are beginning to feel like things are looking brighter for the both of them. Sarah’s daughter is also touched by the kindness of charities such as yourselves.” AM, Speech and Language Therapist

“We are immensely grateful for the Tavistock Trust’s support and generosity over the years. It has made a significant impact on improving the confidence, communication skills and overall quality of life for people with Aphasia and their families.” CM

“Just wanted to say a really big thank you again to TTA for supporting this application -it really is appreciated by MB, his family and myself.  I have been very impressed by how quickly and smoothly the application process was too so many thanks for this.”  ED, Speech and Language Therapist

“Thank you for helping my wife get this program much appreciated.” AN

“I am finding the Dragon Naturally Speaking software very helpful and really appreciate you funding it for me.” MO

“StepbyStep is really helping and good to do everyday. Thank you very much.” CW

“BD visibly enjoys using the software to improve his skills and to keep him busy. His wife advises he likes to practice 2-3 times a week. She reports it has made a huge difference in his life as it is giving him something to do and gives him a purpose. He sometimes uses it when visitors come to the house and it “all gets a bit much”.”

“I wanted to write to express thanks for funding the aphasia therapy software for JA, …. we can already see the effect upon her communication and confidence. Thank you so much.” GD, Speech and Language Therapist

“The [grant] has made a real difference to the input we are able to offer those [with aphasia] who pass through our unit, thank you once again.” DG, Speech and Language Therapist

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help in getting React2 for MA……………… and wanted to let you know what a huge difference it is making to M’s life. …. now ‘has something to do’ ….. and has a ‘sense of purpose’. What more could we ask for?! I feel so happy .. and am very grateful for your support.” HW, Speech & Language Therapist

“The small grant allowed us to quickly progress an idea raised by a relative. The grant application process and reporting back to the Trustees during the year was also beneficial in making the most of the project. The grant has allowed us to demonstrate that the Aphasia Partners group is valued by the partners of people with aphasia and our Trust is now willing to make the resources available for this to be an established part of our aphasia pathway.”